Are you running a StartUp or a social project, but you don't have the funds?

Write to us - we will adequately pack you for just $ 1!
A few words about the project
Hi! We're team of creative guys)
Our team will help young projects and entrepreneurs, as well as social
and charitable projects, to start their journey.
We want to show that business is not only about money, but also about people.
And people achieve their goals when they help each other, and they do it sincerely. This is our investment of kindness and constructiveness in creating a new business atmosphere-an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual assistance.

How does it work?
It's very simple: once a month, we randomly select
1 project from the submitted applications and make it as for yourself
for a symbolic $ 1!
3 products that YOU will receive from us
Simple, fast and most importantly-AS HIGH QUALITY as in our commercial projects
A unique face of your project that will be remembered by everyone
Corporate Identity
Modern style, will help you develop in a single image
We will develop this element specifically for your task
Register your project
But first, be sure to watch the video!
Leave your details and take part in the drawing:
Which projects can apply?
We will consider your application if your project belongs
to one of the three categories:
You create innovative products and solutions from scratch, and you do things that were not done before you
Social project
Your project is aimed at supporting and strengthening social values, involving people to work together on worthy goals.
Charity work
Your project organizes charitable activities and is aimed at providing free assistance to those in need
How will this happen?
Accepting applications
We collect your applications by the 30th of EACH month! Read carefully what projects we are considering.
Project Selection
On the 30th of EACH month, we hold a project selection on Leonid's Instagram. We will make the selection randomly through the randomizer. The selected application is checked for compliance with the criteria. If the project in the dropped application does not fall into one of the three categories, a new one will be randomly selected.
The signing of the Treaty
The simplest part. :) We sign a standard contract, and you pay the bill in rubles (the equivalent of$ 1 at the current exchange rate).
We create!
In 2-3 weeks, we will completely pack your project from scratch and show you everything.
Video review
After we do everything, we will need to get your feedback on the work done. Absolutely honest and unbiased, in video format.
Project Transfer
This is also very simple – we sign the Act and transfer the rights to our development to you.
Any other questions? Write
If you still have any questions or have any interesting suggestions, please fill out this form and we will contact you!