corporate branding


Rebranding of the jewelry workshop
331 900 ₽

The cost of the project
14 days

Project time
5 people

Worked on the project
Develop a name and brand for a jewelry workshop.
Build a line of positioning of the company in the market.
The main activity is the production of jewelry to order.
Our task was to develop the corporate identity of the jewelry company, which will allow us to correctly position the client in the market.
When designing the logo, we used the visual image of a gemstone cut with large edges and beveled ends. Only stones of rare purity are processed in this way; in this way we emphasize the uniqueness of the company in the market and emphasize the excellent quality of the products. The delicate and elegant font design emphasizes the image of Taneri-the beautiful patroness of jewelry masters.
The choice of color scheme is determined by the target audience, consisting mainly of girls and women who order jewelry. Pink color attracts attention, as it is rarely found in nature and everyday life. The white background provides sufficient contrast for the logo, and at the same time emphasizes its elegance and airiness. The easy transition to peach makes the color scheme even more soft, gentle and romantic. This color means tenderness, lightness, elation, but at the same time masculinity and strength. It reduces aggressiveness and encourages people to be friendly.
The combination of the logo, font, name and color scheme is harmoniously intertwined with the image of the jewelry workshop and its history.
Паттерн визуализирует прямоугольную огранку камня. Так обрабатывают только камни редкой чистоты; таким образом мы подчеркиваем уникальность компании на рынке и делаем акцент на превосходном качестве изделий.
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Young Alvian, the apprentice of a venerable master goldsmith, who had been learning from experience and the best techniques for years, could no longer work. He dropped his hands: routine tasks had tired him out, he wanted to create something that would take your breath away and cause genuine admiration. He was looking for a spark and trying to discover a secret that would give his work a higher meaning and lift it above the simple craft.

The old master realized that the soul of his ward was restless. Trying to help him, he told him an old legend about the goddess Taneri, the patroness of jewelers. According to the old-timers, the entrance to the crystal cave where Taneri lived is hidden from view, and you can only see it shining in the middle of the rock on the night of the full moon, looking into the reflection of a silver mirror. "Go to this cave and find the answers to your questions," the old man said when he finished his story.

The next day, Alvean collected all his savings and set off. After months on the road, he finally reached the mountains. All the master's instructions were followed, and at last he saw a faint glimmer in the rock. It grew more intense and became a shining arch-the entrance to that crystal cave.

The moonlight flickered with thousands of reflections, and the young man's heart could not stand it. He fell on his knees and exclaimed, " Taneri, O goddess! Hear my call! Help me find the coveted spark and create the greatest creation!»

In a swirl of silvery radiance, a girl of unearthly beauty appeared in front of the young man. Her eyes glittered with sapphires, her hair streamed with threads of gold, and her dress was made of the smallest scales of platinum. "O goddess, I am tired, my craft does not bring me joy," the young man wept, " all my works have become similar to each other. I want to create something unique! Look for new ideas that hit the hearts!»

"Alvean, I understand your trouble," Taneri sighed. "Get a mirror, I'll show you something that will solve it." The young man obeyed, and Taneri showed him the artist's studio in the reflection of the mirror. In the middle of the room stood a disheveled man, smeared with paint, his eyes burning madly. He alternated between grabbing his paintbrush and standing still again, looking at the painting. Suddenly, he pounced on her and tore the canvas to pieces. "This is an artist and a creator," Taneri said. The spark of creativity in him flared up in a frenzied flame. He has already painted many paintings, but so far there have been no admirers of his talent."

"Now look here," Taneri said, and the carpenter's shop appeared in front of Alvian. Whistling a cheerful tune, the old man whittled a chair leg. When he was done, he adjusted the leg, set up the chair, and walked around it, assessing his work. "This is an ordinary craftsman, and he does not create art objects. But what makes him different from the artist you saw?" Alvian wondered, " Maybe it's because the artist has no talent?"
"No, there are hundreds of such artists. They are burning in the flame of their inspiration, trying, like Icarus, to fly on the wings of their dreams and fly to the sun. But only a few of them will be recognized and evaluated. Now think of the carpenter. There are thousands of such masters in the world, and many of them love their work. Why not? They understand that they are not working for themselves, but for others. What makes a wizard that helps people to live. If you can realize this, Alvean, then you can truly love your work. By learning this and constantly improving, you will stop being an ordinary craftsman and become a real master!»

Thus, a simple truth was revealed to Alvian. Blessed by the goddess, the young man returned to his city and began to work hard. People increasingly turned to him for help, the demand for his work increased significantly, and Alvian decided to open his own workshop, which to this day is called "Taneri".