corporate branding

Kopilka Dobra

Creating a logo and corporate identity
for the corporate volunteer club "Dixie"

The cost of the project
14 days

Project time
4 people

Worked on the project
Develop a corporate identity, increase awareness of the corporate club of volunteers "Kopilka Dobra".
"Kopilka Dobra" is a corporate club of volunteers of the company "Dixie", originally founded by employees of the company.
At the moment, the club's volunteers include not only employees, but also third-party organizations, including the P&B Branding Agency.
The activities of the volunteer club include assistance to orphanages, assistance in hospices, organization of entertainment programs in nursing homes, painting aviaries in shelters for homeless animals, participation in the "Products to Help" campaign to collect food aid for large and low-income families.

A logo was developed that visually conveys the main message of the club – the constant replenishment of the "piggy bank" with good deeds.
The warm orange color is the corporate color of the company "Dixie", and also charges with positive energy, inspiring good deeds and helping those in need.
The logo depicts the main symbols of good: a helping hand, a bird-a symbol of peace and soul, and a kind heart.
The logo itself consists of many parts, symbolizing the fact that each of the club's volunteers invests their strength and a part of themselves, thereby adding to the "piggy bank" of good deeds.
Паттерн показывает деятельность клуба волонтеров, который
включает в себя помощь детским домам, помощь в хосписах, организация развлекательных программ в домах престарелых,
покраска вольеров в приютах для бездомных животных, участие
в акции «Продукты в помощь» по сбору продуктовой помощи
для многодетных и малообеспеченных семей.
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