corporate branding

Andrushkevich and Partners

Logo and corporate identity for a legal services company
219 900 ₽

The cost of the project
14 days

Project time
3 people

Worked on the project
To develop the branding for law firms to increase customer loyalty and devotion of the employees of the company. It is necessary to go from the" no name " of the company to the brand that will sell itself. The brand should become a "quality mark".
Andrushkevich & Partners is a law firm that specializes in supporting transactions to attract investment, formalizing partnership agreements, and corporate contracts for small and medium-sized businesses.
The concept of corporate identity uses the image of a triangle, which creates a reliable basis and serves as a pointer. Thus, it symbolizes upward movement, development, improvement, unity of different directions. The continuous line in the logo design emphasizes the focus on problem solving and a holistic, thorough approach. The letter that the line forms is a reference to the "letter of the law", that is, a formal and impartial interpretation of the law.
Thus, the visual image of the logo consists of details that reveal the principles and advantages of the company.
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