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Logo and corporate identity for a company that produces innovative accessories
219 900 ₽

The cost of the project
14 days

Project time
3 people

Worked on the project
Develop branding for a company that produces wristwatches, and, in the future, other products from tyvek. It is necessary to emphasize the uniqueness and innovation of the brand, to create communication with the buyer through fashion and hype.
Tyvek is a synthetic material that is similar to paper, but at the same time has the properties of wear resistance, moisture resistance, is eco-friendly and recyclable.
The key visual image of the logo is a piece of paper that shows the direction of the company's activities.
The wide sans-serif font follows the latest fashion trends, is easy to read and combines with the minimalistic key image of the logo.
Brand colors are juicy, attract attention, and symbolize the progressiveness, uniqueness of the offer, the quality of the material and the loyalty of the consumer.
The geometric pattern of the pattern emphasizes the focus on the audience, striving for self-expression through fashion accessories and gadgets.
Thus, the logo and corporate identity form the image of a fashionable, bright and progressive brand that offers its customers an unusual and unique product.
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