Nikita Andrushkevich
Project Andrushkevich and Partners

We applied to PACK & BRANDING to develop the branding of legal services.
We were very pleased with the result. The result exceeded all our expectations: a very cool logo was created, a very cool branding, which now helps us to position ourselves in a higher price segment and greatly simplifies the further development of the law firm.
Dixie Group of Companies
Project Piggy Bank of Good

We applied to PACK & BRANDING to solve a specific problem: we needed to design a logo for the corporate volunteer club "Piggy Bank of Good" and we want to say a huge thank you for the very good, very productive and high-quality work of PACK & BRANDING. Everything is done on time, everything is done exactly according to our order, exactly according to the TOR. It was very nice that as a result of the interaction, all our comments were taken into account and in the end we came to the perfect solution, which satisfied us 100%. As a result, we received a very bright, concise, modern logo that fully reflects the spirit of our club. In addition to the logo, PACK & BRANDING developed the design of related products.
We would like to say a big thank you to the entire PACK & BRANDING team for your professionalism, as well as for your creative, modern approach and comfortable cooperation throughout all stages of our work. Thanks!
Anna Mishenkina
Projects: HR exhibition in Moscow in 2018, development of illustrations
and online games for children

At one time, the agency was recommended to me by colleagues with whom I worked
in another company, I always choose a supplier only on the recommendations.
I listened to my colleagues and was not mistaken.
If I would describe the PACK & BRANDING agency in one word,
then I immediately come
up with an association with the hero from the movie "Transformers" - a small multifunctional machine, which has many parts and each is responsible
for some specific function,
that is, it is a ready-made set of various solutions for almost all
business tasks. Whatever you turn to, they will help you with the solution.
In our fast workflow, there is a task - you need to solve it urgently. There is always almost no time, deadlines are burning. I often turn to PACK & BRANDING at the last moment
, and what I like is the willingness to always react quickly, dive into the problem, dive into the task, come up with a solution, that is, not superficially somehow, but they always try to fully understand the business, understand the target audience, understand what we want to achieve.
Most of all I remember when you work together, when there was a lot of meetings, which were attended by our colleagues and representatives
PACK & BRANDING, and the agency always finds
some chips in the process of negotiations, solutions that everyone
in our company picks up and everyone likes, these are really the right solutions that then work and help us.
Various projects have been implemented, deadlines have always been practically met, and the guys respond quickly
and promptly.
I like that the guys are very flexible in terms of terms, in offers, and react
for all tasks. For example, initially there was one task, we formulated it this way and scored it, then in the course of some new introductions appear, you need to do something else, however, they take on this task, or they themselves find some shortcomings and offer you to finalize it, solve it and it turns out very cool in the end.
This is very valuable - of course, you need to look for a provider that you trust, we are satisfied with the price-quality ratio, the result, the speed of work, of course, this is very valuable for us, so thank you PACK & BRANDING!
Sergey Varlamov, Project Manager
Projects for Bank Zenit

While working at the bank, I had the experience of working with the company
PACK & BRANDING. We chose the agency for quite a long time, first of all, we evaluated the combination of such factors as: the speed of services provided, the quality of creativity and cost. It is necessary to note the individual approach and scrupulous consideration of all comments. The disadvantages are certainly present at all, but I would advise the guys to listen even more to the opinion of the customer. I would not assess the direct impact of creativity on business results, but nevertheless, I must emphasize the overall growth in the level of creative materials of the bank.
At the moment, I work for another corporation, but I am always happy to work with the PACK & BRANDING team !
Ekaterina Kolosova, Founder
Revalu Project

I am the founder of the eco-fur coat brand-Revalu. We have existed since 2015, but since then we have changed many names. Only recently came to the name Revalu and we really like it. We needed cool branding for this name!
Therefore, I was very happy when I saw the information in social networks that the agency
PACK & BRANDING plays up the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get their branding from them. I won the contest, which I am very happy about! The project turned out to be cool, corresponding to the concept of my brand, this is very important. And it turned out the way I imagined it. For me, this was a complete surprise, because after I filled out the brief, we did not interact with the agency. And I didn't regret it at all. We got a ready-made solution from the professionals and they did great.
I wish PACK & BRANDING all the best and satisfied customers!